‘Bucket List’, first placement nerves and tweeting nurses

When I was younger, I used to look at people’s blogs with jealousy and wonder why anyone would ever want to read my memoirs, but it wasn’t until starting my degree that I realised there were so many positive reasons behind starting one. This year, I made myself a 2014 ‘Bucket List’. I’ve listed about 30 things that I aim to achieve that I know will make my year so much more enjoyable. One of my aims was to start a blog to allow me to reflect on my course and life as a whole… so here we are! Anyone that knows me will probably argue that it’s a glorified form of procrastination – something at which I excel! I’m genuinely hoping that my list will give me a lot to be proud of on New Year’s Eve, where I would normally look back with regret, thinking there was so much more I could’ve done.

It’s January now, and when I started at University back in September, I remembered telling my fellow student nurses that we would have so long to prepare ourselves for our first clinical placements, but now it’s drawing so close that I’m starting to get slightly nervous. As with anyone, I’m questioning whether or not the people I meet will like me or whether or not I’ll do anything wrong, and it’s daunting, it really is, but I’m also extremely excited to be putting everything I’ve learnt so far into practice, and to meet people that will help and inspire me to be the best I can be every day. I’m also looking forward to writing about the things that I’ll encounter and using that experience to reflect and improve everything I do.

The kindness of the wonderful ’nursing family’ on Twitter is overwhelming, and reminds me that there is so much good in social networking, despite it’s general press. The wealth of knowledge that is available to student nurses in (generally) under 140 characters (although I tend to babble and send 4 or 5 tweets at a time) is amazing, and it’s so nice to be able to learn from those that have gone through it all already and are now making waves in the nursing world. It also makes me less nervous knowing that I’m not alone in this journey, and that I’ve got support down so many different avenues – something which I think will be extremely useful – especially when I have an assignment meltdown like I am doing at the moment. I would urge all nursing students to follow some of the wonderful nurses and fellow students on Twitter and to get involved- you have nothing to lose, yet so much to gain!

I took a while earlier worrying about what my blog name would, because there’s so many witty ones out there, ‘At your cervix’ being a particular favourite. I actually decided really quickly, ending up opting for ‘nursepraylove’ as a nod to one of my favourite books ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert, but not just because it’s my favourite book. The witty and intelligent story chronicles one woman’s extremely self-aware journey around the world until she finds balance and love in her life. Although only a small way through the journey I’m embarking on with nursing, I’m starting to better understand the concept and importance of balance in your life more than ever before and that’s something I want to hold on to with this blog.

Now, back to that assignment I’ve been neglecting… or maybe I’ll just enjoy the ‘dolce far niente’ for a while (can you guess what another one of my aims was?)


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