Student Survival Skills – Care Skills for Nurses




The student survival skills series claims to help nursing students understand theory and practice, refine their skills and to gain confidence and this book does just that. If you’re anything like me, you like concise and easy to reach information, but don’t want to miss out on anything crucial either. This book has found the perfect balance of information. Detailing information of essential nursing practices such as; compassion, performing personal care, patient safety and nutrition hydration care makes it a really handy little book to have to refer to.

I’ve generally always steered away from huge textbooks and having to trawl my way through endless information to find what I’m looking for at that particular time. Well, student nurses, worry no more! The book is well sign posted with clear learning outcomes in every chapter to keep you on track and is very easy on the eye too! As we all know, reading about something and seeing it for real is never quite the same, but the use of real images and charts really is the next best thing. I’ve been tending to do some further reading of certain things I’m seeing in placement and this book has proved an invaluable support. As one example, my mentor performed an aseptic procedure the other day, and although I knew what this meant, reading the SSS book provided me with the need-to-know theory behind the practice, with an example aseptic and aseptic non-touch technique competency framework. It then went on to give examples of situations where we use these techniques, drew attention to relevant D.O.H campaigns and tested my knowledge of what I’d learnt. Following the process set up in the book really ensured that I knew the subject in detail. The activities used in each chapter ask questions that make you think in a lot of depth about clinical situations that would at first-glance seem quite straightforward. There are also questions in pink boxes that frequently pop up to get you to think about something before the book goes on to explain about it – fantastic active learning that bodes well with how I try to learn best. Moreover, the colours used in the book for certain things are fantastic and ensure you keep on track. I get easily bored reading books with normal black ink and nothing eye-catching, but this book was particularly good with colourful images and ‘key points’ boxes being in a block colour to draw attention to them and to summarise the knowledge the chapter has provided you with.

Receiving this book just before starting my first placement has been particularly helpful, and it has, as it promised to do, increased my confidence and competence in clinical practice. The fact that it provides advice based on student-nurse knowledge and reflects NMC standards assures me that the information given is appropriate but essential and detailed. It’ll be a great help to glance over at any stage of the course and will be a much-loved book of mine, I’m sure!


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